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We offer a nearly limitless range of possibilities to help with tech hardware, software and everything in between. Here are some examples of what we do, from one-and-done solutions to ongoing support. Please see our Services page for additional information and pricing:


As connectivity and tech-ready homes become more important to prospective homeowners, let East Hill Solutions advise on the best course of action. We can engage during any phase of the build to ensure the client will be satisfied with their new home.


From established homes receiving an update to new construction you're looking to equip with the latest and greatest, we have the knowledge and resources to make sure you have what you need to feel at home.


Whether your stay is short term or long, let us make it fun and enjoyable. We can work with you on everything from a temporary, easily transportable solution to something semi-permanent. Everything we do is up to you and with your goals in mind.

Consumers Of All Types

With no sales commission and no needless upsell, we answer only to you. Ask us to help with anything from birthday shopping for a tech-savvy granddaughter to building a website for keeping family in the loop. If and when purchasing enters the picture, we work with vendors to ensure you pay the best possible price. Oftentimes, simply working with us on purchasing decisions is money in your pocket.

Businesses Of All Sizes

Whether you're designing a new space or upgrading an existing location, we can work with your team to implement the best tech to make your business more efficient. Working from home or just starting out? Allow us to lend our expertise in business development. We can save you time, save you money and increase your business’s potential. No job is too big or too small for East Hill Solutions.

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