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The services we offer fall broadly into the categories below. Don't see what you need, or not sure what you're looking for? No problem; simply contact us to chat. East Hill Solutions has the flexibility and resources to help.

If you desire continuous, ongoing assistance, consider our subscription model. For $199 per year year for consumers and $399 annually for businesses, we will serve as your personal tech concierge. You can contact us for general purchasing advice or specific technical assistance. For issues which can't be resolved remotely (online, phone) we charge a flat service fee of $49 for in-person resolution.


The first step for most clients. We'll discuss what your goals are and the plan to accomplish them. Initial consultations are always free, whether in-person, online or on the phone. No question is too basic, and no request is too large.

Price: Free!

Setup & Operation

You have the hardware or software you need; congratulations! Now, how does it work? We'll show you, and provide the guidance you need to get the most out of it. In addition to the basics, we offer in-depth knowledge on a variety of hardware and software. Do you want to be the office networking guru? We have you covered.

Price: Varies. Contact us​ for a free quote.

Purchasing & Installation

You've come to us with what you have, or we've equipped you with what you need. Now it's time for a white-glove, professional installation. Remember, from configuring an iPhone to installing an office WiFi system, we do it all.

Price: Varies. Contact us for a free quote.

Support & Service

In addition to supporting the solutions we provide, we're also happy to assist with your current tech, regardless of what it is and when you bought it. Why stay on hold for hours just to speak with someone in another country? Why drive to Best Buy or Apple in the hopes the store isn't crowded? Let us help you instead.

Price: Varies. Contact us​ for a free quote.

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